LilySlim Weight charts

LilySlim Weight charts

Monday, June 22, 2015

Low Carb is working better than Dukan

Even though I am moving very little because of my ankle, I am still shrinking!  I'm down 3.25lb from when I had my operation on May 28th.  I have two days a week when I eat higher carb.  Wednesday & Saturdays I have a beer and 3-4 carrots.  So far I've lost over 18lb since Christmas, 12% of my body weight. I've also been under my red line of 140lb for 6 weeks now.  I've actually been under 140lb on 51 days this year, but only 42 days consecutively.  I've also been 5 weeks under 139lb, 3 weeks under 137lb and 2 weeks under 136lb! I love statistics and numbers!  I think low carb is working better than Dukan because with Dukan, it's about what you can't eat for me, and with low carb it's reaching a number.  So it's true I can't have carrots either way, but I don't feel I'm failing if I have carrots, I'm just having a higher carb day.

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  1. Beer and carrots...hmmm. Interesting combination :-)